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Jennifer Bonner

Practitioner Certified Psychic Medium, Reiki Healer, Crystal Healer, Metaphysical Teacher.

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About this course

In this course, I teach for all levels such as anyone wanting to learn how to heal and communicate with their departed loved ones. And for mediums wanting to learn how to help offer more healing to their clients and communications with spirits for their service works. And for the ones who take all three of my courses for this. ( two i am working on a beginner like level and advanced for mediumship will receive after taking all three if becoming or adding more certifications or to be on my free website certified psychic medium directory list. After taking all three courses you will become a certified practitioner of mediumship. With the initials after your name of C.M. stands for certified medium. And you will be able to put a practitioner in front of your name with taking my courses. 

I am accredited through WMA World Metaphysical Associations and i show all of my certifications and where my name is on their website all shown in this course. I also have written which will be the same in all three courses a Code of Ethics and a Code Of Conduct and how you can sign it before receiving your certifications. However, if i decide to add an extra course or so for these those will also need to be taken to receive the C.M. certification and usage of the C.M. 

In this course i teach what will help with your mediumship services and your business to understand other effective methods as well as learn to understand the forgive and forgiven process when a loved one is ready to cross over. So it is healing for our client and their departed loved one.  So this will help with your clients if you are working with helping clients to cross over and ascend.   

You will also have access to our Facebook group to practice in as well as advertising and selling your business through my group the other course is advanced and more how to do the work like spirit entity detection and release and house cleansing crossing over spirits detecting the levels of the spirits if earthbound or ascending or ascended. And much more in these courses, that's needed for your clients to become a professional mediumship practitioner. 

In the Facebook group after you have practiced some with us you will receive your certificate through me. However, if you're taking this through my Udemy you will receive their certificate of completion which is also great for anyone who just wants a certificate from taking this course. But for the professional and usage of C.M. and practitioner, those certificates are through me. 

This course helps with the grieving process of losing a loved one and will help teach the healing process of ascension you two will go through together. I also make aware of others in this course. Because this is involved with many and not just us when we lose our loved one. So it helps to give insights and more for a helpful purpose. 

This course is for anyone who has departed loved ones in any way regardless of this process I speak of is for all of us. Departed loved one for me means anyone you hold near and dear whether its family or a friend or even a friend you consider as family. In any way, this is what i mean by departed loved one.

This also can be for those who are seeking justice and can’t seem to find any peace or comforts or any healing. In here I mention ways that could be why it might be that and how you too can achieve healing in that aspect as well as with your departed loved one. I explain the process through it how it works most of this course I did channel and sections like these I did channel to help provide some extra information and helpful tips but mostly how I was guided how it works to help an understanding of what might be. And some are from either my personal experiences or from others.

I explain how harmful it is to not heal. However, time is needed as well as when both you and your departed loved one are ready for this step. It can’t be forced. But you will have the info if ready or when ready you will have this info to go back onto and work on then with them. At least having the awareness into helps. Either can come back and try from this course or you will be guided your way how it will be done but just having this info helps you understand how the process works so you might not even have to come back its already there in your memory and there guiding you through it with your departed loved one. 

I also mention different realms and what could be holding back blocking any communication or making it harder to communicate with your departed loved one. As well as ways to help open your senses with foods and crystals oils herbs. I also mention some about the Clair senses and chakras. As well as few personal examples to help describe the topics I’m talking about. And i also break down how synchronicity signs work not just for communicating with your departed loved ones. But as well as for your own soul path. So, if you feel this course resonates with you then give it a go. Thank you for taking the time out interested in this course! I Am sending yall much love and gratitude and thanks! <3 :)